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Akron Beacon Journal Tower

Akron Beacon Journal Tower

Architectural Fiberglass forms enable project to be done quickly & economically

The Akron Beacon Journal needed a new tower designed, fabricated and erected quickly and economically to replace an old rotating sign that was near collapse. They wanted the tower to include the latest high tech graphics panels while keeping with the art deco design style that the building was originally created in.

Architectural Fiberglass, Inc. was contracted to manufacture the architectural elements that had to match the original limestone building. Skilled craftsman at AFI meticulously hand carved and shaped patterns for molding, faithfully following the design drawings… going the extra step to carefully reproduce the complex sculptural shapes.

After completion of the molds the decorative fiberglass elements were manufactured. AFI pre-assembled the fiberglass units to insure that they would fit with each other and would correctly match up with the steel frame work that supports the structure.

Architectural Fiberglass, Inc. custom produced textured colored samples to determine the best match for the finish that was then applied to the fiberglass parts.

Quality custom architectural fiberglass elements hand made by Architectural Fiberglass, Inc. enabled the tower project to be done quickly and economically… in less than seven months from concept to completion.

The tower is now a handsome new focal point for downtown Akron, Ohio.