Fiberglass Cornice

The Residences at 668

Architectural Fiberglass, Inc successfully completed the historic restoration and adaptive reuse of The Residences at 668 building located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.
At some time, the historic terra cotta cornice and parapet wall was removed due to safety concerns. Decorative fiberglass cornice and the entire parapet wall was reproduced to its original design. The building has been around since 1913 and once housed the William Taylor & Son department store and now rehabbed into luxury apartments.
Architectural Fiberglass, Inc reproduced the entire parapet and fiberglass cornice that spans 200 feet wide by 20 feet tall replicating the original terra cotta. The fiberglass cornice and decorative elements were a fraction of the weight of the original design and expected to last generations.
Large brackets, dentil details, and the buildings ionic cartouche details were incorporated within the fiberglass cornice. Attention to detail went so far as replication of the joint articulation with false joints to mimic the original terra cotta. What would have been thousands of individual terra cotta units, were consolidated in larger fiberglass units.