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Fiberglass (FRP) Religious Architecture and Ornaments

For religious architecture and ornaments drawings, visit our download page. Architectural Fiberglass Inc. has been a leader in manufacturing fiberglass ornamentation for various religious institutions including churches, chapels, monastaries, temples, mosques and synagogues. Fiberglass molding techniques make it possible to replicate various building materials such as wood, gold, copper, terra cotta, marble, granite and stones which are native to particular geographical areas throughout the world. Fiberglass is a feasible alternative to the cost prohibitive traditional materials. These replicated materials are used to manufacture fiberglass ornaments with religious significance that have been used for centuries. Crosses, domes, steeples, cupolas and finials are some of the religious ornaments that have enhanced and diversified religious structures from other buildings. Fiberglass is a desirable material to replicate the unique shapes and styles of different ornaments, which can distinguish a structure’s religious denomination. Religious institutions are increasingly building structures in the United States that were once only native to regions throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. Our proprietary 22 Karat Gold Leaf finish is among the more popular finishes that we have incorporated in our religious fiberglass ornaments because gold finishes are popular in most religious societies throughout the world. The durability and resilience of our fiberglass finishes will last generations, as do traditional materials.

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