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Fiberglass Finials, Spires and Urns

Fiberglass Finials

Fiberglass (FRP) Finials, Spires and Urns

For finials, spires and urns drawings, visit our download page.

Finials, spires, and urns are typically conical decorative elements used to accentuate the apex of a dome, cupola, tower, roof or any other distinctive decorative feature at the top, end, or corner of a building structure.  Finials are shorter in nature whereas spires and typically taller and slender. Fiberglass finials, spires, and urns are long lasting and can be manufactured in almost any color or desired finish.  Often used worldwide on state buildings, religious institutes, skyscrapers, houses, and other structures. The purpose is usually decorative but, in some instances, they are used as religious purposes to identify the institution. Frequently lighting protection can also be incorporated as they are often the highest point of a structure.

Finials rose to prominence in America thanks to Benjamin Franklin, who introduced them as lightning rods. Nowadays, they are celebrated for their decorative charm and the timeless sophistication they bring to buildings.
Our finials, crafted by talented artisans, are handmade from fiberglass, ensuring both strength and aesthetic appeal. With custom finial caps available in round, octagonal, or square shapes, installation is straightforward and suitable for any roof style. Architectural Fiberglass, Inc. offers a wide selection of finials for newel posts and cupolas. 

In addition to our catalog options, we provide a broad array of sizes and designs to perfectly match the scale of your posts and balustrades. Whether you’re looking for a ball finial, a classic urn, or a colonial pineapple, Architectural Fiberglass, Inc. has the ideal solution for your design needs. If our catalog doesn’t have what you need or if you want to replicate a specific design, we can economically create any Finial, Spire and Urn design at highly competitive prices, offering virtually limitless customization possibilities.

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